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#Feel Safe

We have worked in recent weeks with the usual passion and scrupulousness to implement numerous actions in order to ensure the maximum safety of your stay.

Hall and Common Areas

All common areas will be sanitized with detergents certified several times according to the flow of guests we receive in order to allow a quiet and comfortable fruition of our Hotel.

Your cooperation will be equally important to ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing and sanitation. We will also provide you disinfectant gels and protective equipment.

Access Mode

Access to the facility is regulated in accordance with current regional legislation. It is provided the opportunity to detect the temperature of guests at the entrance or to request self-certification to ensure that subjects not in perfect health do not have access to the property.

  • Procedures for detecting body temperature at each shift start for service staff
  • Constant use of the mask for service staff, also called upon to sanitize the hands with the appropriate gel based on alcohol after every check-in procedure / check-out
  • Vertical signage and ground stickers to help guests maintain distance
  • Separate path for guests who need access to check-in or check-out procedures
  • Bulkhead in plexiglass on the reception desk
  • Alternative web check-in procedures and tablet for arrival registration to facilitate contactless


For the cleaning and sanitization of reception and common areas, these measures are implemented:

  • A sanitizing carpet has been prepared at the entrance of the Hotel
  • The furnishings are washed and sanitized at least with more frequent revisions in according to the influx of guests
  • The floors are washed and sanitized at least twice a day with frequent cleaning, in according to the influx of guests, with cloths soaked in a suitable detergent
  • Carpets, decorative cushions and other furnishing accessories have been removed to facilitate
    the maintenance of hygiene standards
  • Paper material not strictly necessary has been removed.
  • The service staff constantly uses the mask and is called to sanitize the hands with the appropriate gel based on alcohol after every check-in procedure / check-out
  • Staff shall be subject to body temperature detection procedures at each start of the shift




  • Floors and walls are washed and sanitized with frequent revisions according to the influx of our customers
  • Internal and external control panels and support bars are cleaned and sanitized at varying frequencies according to peak times
  • Access is allowed to individuals or households (as persons sharing the same room)
  • Our guests are invited to the use of disposable paper towels for the use of the push-button panel or, alternatively, the hands are sanitized with disinfectant gel at the entrance and exit of the lift



For the cleaning and sanitization of common bathrooms, these measures are implemented:

  • The sanitary and all accessories are washed and sanitized with frequent revisions according to the influx of our guests.
  • The floors are washed and sanitized, with frequent revisions, where necessary, according to the influx of our guests.
  • Allourguestsareinvitedtousethedisinfectantgelattheentranceandexitandtorespecttherule of social distance


  • Before your arrival, we sanitize your room with specific products. Moreover, the room will be further sanitized with specific equipment to eliminate bacteria, molds, viruses and bad smells.
  • We take particular care and attention to the contact surfaces such as handles, remote controls and push-button panels. Upon entering the room, the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene will be overwhelming
  • Upon your departure, applying the rotation principle, we will not re-allocate the room for at least 96 hours.

Access mode

The specific procedures for the rooms are as follows:

  • The magnetic cards for accessing the rooms are carefully sanitized after each use with a UV light sterilizer.
  • The principle of room rotation has been implemented so, at the time of checkout of a guest, the room is not assigned to other guests for 96 hours.
  • The staff responsible for cleaning and sanitizing is equipped with specific individual protection devices compliant with current regulations, designed to ensure the protection of ours guests and the service staff themselves.


Sanitation Protocol

The specific procedures for the rooms are as follows:


  • We have eliminated unnecessary paper material, table runners, decorative pillows and extra accessories. The minibar service is temporarily closed and we replaced with complimentary water bottles and/or room service (kettles available on request).
  • Rooms staying more than one night (stop): we provide daily thorough cleaning of all surfaces. The floors of the rooms are sanitized every day.
  • At the end of the stay, we expect the usual cleaning activities and a subsequent intervention carried out by qualified personnel for the sanitization of all surfaces with particular attention to those of greater contact (switches, handles, toilet drain, shower controls and taps, services toilets,TV remote control, chairs and so on).
  • During these sanitation activities, we treat the room with ozone to ensure a greater hygiene and cleanliness. This treatment does not replace the use of the products prescribed by Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health on COVID-19 prevention.


The tables have been distributed in the large spaces of the restaurant at a distance to ensure maximum safety.
At each service, tables and chairs and all the material used are sanitized with certified detergents. We also reorganized breakfast, lunch and dinner thinking about a contactless room service.




  • Breakfast is served by our staff
  • Room service: the selection made by the customer is served in the room at the time requested in contactless mode
  • Breakfast box: assembled by the staff and delivered directly to the customer in special containers.


Access mode


  • All furniture is washed and sanitized after every breakfast, lunch and dinner service
  • The floors are always washed and sanitized after every service, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • The tables must be arranged in such a way that the seats ensure the interpersonal spacing
    of at least one meter of customer separation
  • Between one customer and another we expect to clean and sanitize table, to replace tablecloths and <br>to clean seats with sanitize products.
  • To facilitate operations, a digital menu has been set up accessible from your smartphone or, alternatively, a plasticized menu sanitized after each use
  • Tablecloths and napkins have been replaced with disposable solution
  • Dishes and cutlery are washed and disinfected in the dishwasher, at a temperature of atleast 60°,along with other objects (menu, salt, etc.) that have not been used if there is the possibility that they have been touched, both by guests and
    staff or otherwise exposed to contagion


Organize your conventions and business meetings in total safety.
The sanitation standards implemented at the Maggior Consiglio Hotel
will allow you to resume your usual business meetings without any fear.

The specific procedures for the meeting rooms are as follows:

  • Only registered users can access
  • We provide alcohol-based disinfectant gel dispensers at the entrance of each meeting room; you should use the gel before entering room, frequently during the day and exiting from it.
  • In the meeting rooms we provide the positioning of the seats in order to guarantee the social distance
  • A reorganization of the spaces was carried out (registration desk, foyer and meeting rooms) to ensure the access in an orderly manner, in order to avoid gatherings of people and to ensure the maintenance of the social distance by providing, where is it possible, paths divided by entrance and exit


ISOLA Wellness Area has implemented the maximum safety measures to welcome you
to the gym and swimming pool in total relaxation.

The Beauty Center will welcome you to pamper you with the full range of services provided in maximum safety. In order to guarantee the distance between the Guests, access is guaranteed by telephone or online booking.

The SPA and saunas area are opened with some restrictions for safety reasons.



The procedures for accessing the gym include the following criteria:

  • Reservation required via website or direct request at reception
  • Regulation of flows, waiting areas, access to different areas, positioning of tools and machines,
    including by delimiting the areas, in order to ensure distance
  • Promotion of exclusive use for areas with limited space
  • Presence of alcohol-based disinfectant gel dispenser at the entrance to the gym area with the invitation
    to use at the entrance and exit
  • Invitation to customers to use disinfectant devices for the tools they intend to use
  • Invite customers to put all clothing and personal items in their bags or,
    in alternatively, we provide bags to store your personal effects.

The specific gym sanitation procedures include:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of machines and tools after each use
  • All furnishings, including changing rooms and dedicated toilets, and floors are washed and sanitized with frequent reviews based on the influx of customers.



The procedures for access to the swimming pool shall include the following criteria:

  • We allow access only in compliance with the rule of social distancing by providing paths divided by entrance and exit
  • We provide alcohol-based disinfectant gel at the entrance to the pool area with the invitation to use at the entrance and exit
  • We organize spaces and activities in changing rooms and showers to ensure distances at least 1 meter
  • We have the equipment (deck chairs, sunbeds) through dedicated paths so as to ensure physical distance between persons not belonging to the same household
  • We invite customers to store all clothing and personal items inside their bags or, in alternative, we provide bags to store your personal effects.
    We invite you to use linen (towels, towels, bathrobes) available in your room or on request at reception before going to the pool area.


The specific procedures for sanitizing the pool include:

  • Before opening the tank we check the suitability of the water for bathing following carrying out the usual chemical analyses
  • Furniture, including changing rooms, dedicated toilets, floating equipment and floors are washed, or aspirated if it is furniture in fabric, and sanitized with frequent revisions according to to the influx of customers
  • High contact equipment (deckchairs, chairs, sunbeds) is cleaned and sanitized at each change in person or household



All our staff will wear the mask and has been adequately trained to ensure the best standards of service and security.
We worked with the usual passion and scrupulousness to implement numerous actions aimed at ensuring the maximum safety of our guests and all Staff. The measures taken, as well as ensuring compliance with regional regulations and national, have as their objective the maximum protection maximum safety of our Guests, as well as the comfort during the stay.
The procedures and systems of sanitization, divided by reference areas, have been accompanied by interventions of training of service staff and detailed communications to inform our guests on the measures implemented.



The general procedures adopted by the Hotel Maggior Consiglio are as follows:

  • Sanitization with disinfectants registered at the Ministry of Health as a Medical Presidium Surgical
  • Cleaning of all surfaces, with particular attention to contact surfaces, with detergents water and soap base
  • Frequent aeration of environments
  • Cleaning and sanitising of aeration filters
  • Implementation of a protocol documenting the frequency of cleaning operations and sanitization based on the number of guests, employees and suppliers in the hotel In addition to the disinfectants indicated by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, systems of additional sanitation, such as ozone treatments, to ensure a better level of safety and hygiene