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Many nationally and internationally famous musicians who have come to the March of Treviso area in recent months have made the Maggior Consiglio their Treviso “home”. There is a very simple explanation for their choice, despite the various other options: “Our services are available for bands or individual musicians who stay with us while performing in the city”

Ad hoc services

We can provide ad hoc services such as hospitality in bedrooms or in conference areas which can become casting, rehearsal and meeting rooms because of their perfect acoustics.


The flexibility of the catering service makes it possible to lunch and have dinner at dedicated times.

Suoni di Marca

Maggior Consiglio is the Hospitality Partner of Suoni di Marca, the largest music festival in Treviso province and the Veneto region.

encounter of art and culture

For a long time, the Maggior Consiglio has been a link between culture, art and promotion of the area. It is a genuine conviction that led the Maggior Consiglio to be the link that enables artists and intellectuals to meet each other in Treviso and to promote very varied initiatives.
Artists and bands such as Roberto Vecchioni, Africa Unite, Roy Paci, Marta sui Tubi, Max Gazzè, Monaci del Surf and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti are just some of the celebrities who will stay at the hotel in July and August.
To date, the following have also stayed at the Maggior Consiglio : Bob Sinclar, Alan Parson, Elio e le Storie Tese, Tiziano Ferro, Dear Jack, Paolo Belli, and many other internationally  famous musicians.